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Learning to paint is easy and fun with the right teaching. 

These courses are structured to take you through from complete beginner to more experienced work. If you've never painted before, we suggest you grab Painting Basics first. It's full of tips on what to buy, and how to start.

From there, move on to Painting Powerhouse. It's all the stuff that you need to understand without being boring.

After you've nailed the basics, move on to either Painting Birds or Painting Contemporary Flowers.

If you're more into realism, start with Painting Birds (even if you're not interested in birds as they are a great place to learn).

If you want a more contemporary, abstract result go after Painting Contemporary Flowers.

Or better still, do all four. The skills you'll learn and the practice you'll get will set you on a path of painting excellence.

And check out the price! It's so cheap. That's because it doesn't have zoom meetups

painting is fun!

Want to start painting but don't know how:


A Proven, Step By Step Process To Take underpin your understanding.

Explore your personal style and have fun doing it

Loosen up and explore different contemporary styles with this fun course.

and now available!

All the courses for one low price! You get life-time access so you can take as long as you need.

We’ve made a pack of all our courses and reduced them. If you want to take your art to the next level, invest in yourself and get this pack of courses.

When you get the pack, you’d start with ‘Painting Basics’, a quick and brief outline of all the equipment that you’d need.

Then you’d go on to ‘Painting Powerhouse’. I put this course together with all the things that a painter should understand. It explains colour mixing, composition, tonal range, backgrounds, drawing and all the things people get stuck on. There’s loads of videos demonstrations and a downloadable workbook for each module. As you work through this course consistently and diligently, you will improve! If you only buy one art course this year, get this one but don’t rush it. Take the time to really do all the exercises and you’ll be so glad you did.

Then you’d go onto ‘Painting Birds’ which is a vehicle to teach you to paint using birds as the topic. You’ll learn lots of brushstroke techniques, drawing, observation, colour and you’ll paint an eagle. Again, there’s loads of demonstration videos and downloadable workbooks. These are great because you can watch as many times as you need from right up close till you get it. I’m really proud of this course.

The two pics below are Susan’s before and after. I asked the students to paint a bird before they started the course. The emu is what she did. The eagle is what she did a few weeks later after the course! Pretty cool, eh?

The fourth course is all about painting different flowers in a range of styles.

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Power your art with proven techniques

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