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Splash Out and Paint For the First Time Art Course

Always wanted to paint but don't know where to start?

splash out and paint for the first time
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Kickstart your painting dreams with the 'Splash Out and Paint' online art course crafted for first-time painters just like you.

Start right now with a no-risk refund guarantee by clicking here:

"Content is clear"


"Loved watching you paint"

Lorraine V

The 3 Steps We'll explore together:

painting eyes, live painting demonstration

Confidence to start


dispel common art myths

great flower copy

tips from an expert

The Course Will Give You:

what to buy brushes

What to buy


How to start

finishing a painting

How to finish

Know just what to buy, how to start and how to finish, and avoid those costly mistakes. You don't need to spend a fortune to get started!

Meet Your Art Mentor Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey in the Studio

Down to earth acrylic painting instruction from Grace Bailey, MA Visual Arts, an artist with more than 25 years experience.

It will give you the confidence to splash out and paint, even if you've never done it before!

And if you've been painting for a while, the tips from an expert will make life easier!

Funny and witty, this course makes learning fun.

Upbeat and entertaining, it'll make you laugh with no boring diatribe or art-speak.

All videos and no reading

Watch them as many times as you need

Downloadable art shopping list

So you'll know just what to buy

Downloadable exercises to do at your pace

You can take your time

Handy tips to save you money

Gleaned from years of experience

What about all the rules?

Be delightfully surprised!

It'll make you laugh

It's fun!

Look at what the course covers

  • 1

    Chapter #1 What To Buy


    • Welcome
    • Brush types
    • Paint Types
    • Canvas or Paper?
    • What Kind of Easel do I Get?
    • All the Other Stuff I Need
    • My First Art Shopping List
  • 2

    Chapter #2 Mixing Paint


    • How To Mix Paint
    • How to Create a Tonal Range
    • Tonal Range Worksheet
    • Mixing Colour
    • Mixing Colours 101 Worksheet
    • How To Apply Paint
  • 3

    Chapter #3 Finishing Your Work and Cleaning Up


    • Sealing Your Masterpiece
    • How To Wash and Store Brushes
  • 4

    Chapter 4 Points To Remember


    • 12 Points To Remember
    • Download the 12 Points To Remember
  • 5

    Sneaky Extras; Watch Me Paint


    • Sometimes a Painting Doesn't Want to Work
    • Angel Painting
    • Now I See Through a Mirror Dimly

and the biggie!


Timelapse video footage of actual paintings as they were painted. See how they're done as often as you like.  It takes the mystery out of painting. It's worth it just to see the paintings!