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Do you wish you could paint?

You've been longing to paint but didn't know how to start?


You've been painting for a while but don't know how to improve?



You wish that you could create works that were full of life and vigour, instead of staid and boring?

What if you could use a course on painting birds to explore your personal style and have fun doing it?



The online course, Painting Birds is the vehicle to

freedom of expression.

You'll explore how-to's that work for you so by the end of it, you'll be able to create works that have life!


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The 7 Steps We'll explore together:

Painting Birds: Introduction
Painting Birds Module 1: Doing the Drawing
Painting Birds Module 4: Backgrounds
Painting Birds Module 2: Eyes
Painting Birds Module 5: Feathers and Body
Painting Birds Module 3: Beaks
Painting Birds Module 6: Paint an Eagle

Imagine for a moment how you'll feel when.....

you create a painting that you're proud of and know how to do it again?

The course is great if you want to learn to paint. Even if you have no interest in bird painting, doing this course will teach you a great deal that is usable for painting any animal or bird.
Throughout the course, you get to watch several different birds being painted with step-by-step instructions. Each module takes you through the steps to compose, draw and paint your bird with easy-to-follow workbooks.

This course makes painting fun and easy..

Be guided step by step

Watch as many times as you need

Get Doing exercises with every module

Quality production

            Beautiful imagery

Experienced teacher

A mix of demonstrations and flipbooks

No endless talking head!

Logical guided progression

      Look at what the course covers

Each module is made up of how-to videos and a downloadable workbook so that you get to explore your style.


1. Video 1, Welcome.

2. Video 2, Introduction.

3. Video 3, How to set up for painting.

4. What You’ll Need, Downloadable.


Module 1

Doing the Drawing

                               1. Video 1, Drawing Made Easy for a Mac.

                               2. Video 2, Drawing Made Easy for a PC. 

                               3. Video 3, Doing the Drawing 

                               4. Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet


Module 2


                                  1. Video 1, Eyes Overview

                                  2. Video 2, Eyes in More Detail

                                  3. Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet.

Module 3


          1. Video, Beaks
          2. Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet
Module 4

Backgrounds Made Easy

          1. Video; There are so many ways!
          2. Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet
Module 5

Feathers and Such

                                 1. Video 1, Body

                                 2. Video 2, Feathers and such

                                 3. Video 3, When all else fails

                                 4. Video 4, Brushstrokes for different effects

                                 5.  Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet

Module 6

Paint an Eagle

                                  1. Video 1, Timelapse eagle from start to finish.

                                  2.  Video 2, Longform Eagle from start to finish, 1 hour.

                                  3.  Let's Get Doing Instruction Booklet



What Others have said...
sue snelsons emu Prophetic art
sue snelsons eagle Prophetic art
I went from this to this...

This course has changed my perspective on what I can achieve. Stretching, challenging me, teaching me patience and how to push myself to concentrate on the finer details, which bring a painting to life.

Sue S

Sue went from the emu to the eagle just by doing the course!

It's action packed 


Start right now with a refund guarantee by clicking here:

If you're not satisfied after completing at least 50% within 30 days (and you can show me the completed exercises) you'll get a full refund.

The stuff you need to know about painting

Recognise what's important in a painting

Be guided through each step

Save yourself years of trial and error

Experience real-life examples


Meet Your Art Mentor Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey,

  • MA, Visual and Performing Arts,
  • BA Fine Arts,
  • Grad Dip Teaching (Sec),
  • Assoc Dip Creative Arts,
  • Cert IV Information Technology,
  • Cert IV Business Management.
  • Author.

And years of teaching both in Australia and overseas.

Grace Bailey, Prophetic Artist

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