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Maybe you think that hearing from God and then creating art is too hard.

Maybe you think it's a mystical experience that only the very good can do.


You want to use your creativity for the Kingdom Of God but don't know how.
You want to know how to translate the images God gives you into art.
You want to know how to create images that can change people's lives.
Maybe you think it's too scary to paint in front of people. But what if there is a better way?


And the all-time biggie, what if you don't think you can hear from God accurately?

(This was my problem when I first started.

How did I know that what I was painting was really God? )

What would your art look like if you knew that you knew that God had called you to do it and why?

How would you feel about your creativity if you really believed that it was important?

Imagine being able to translate the images God gives you into works you're proud of!

Or imagine knowing in your knower that you can collaborate with the supernatural?

This Course Will Give You:

indigenous boy, portrait painting, tui, bird, Grace Bailey Painting


worship, guitarist, Jesus


give me eyes to see, portrait, supernatural art, Grace Bailey Painting


The 3 Steps We'll explore together:

resilience, lion, lion of judah

How To Hear God For Your Image

spirit of prophecy, angel painting

partnering with the supernatural

Piercing the Darkness, angel

miracle works

Discover what to do with the images God gives you and grow in confidence that you've got this!

Understand the many forms of Prophetic Art. It's mind-blowing!. 

Imagine for a moment how you'll feel when.....

You understand how to collaborate with the supernatural.

You recognise the value of creativity to the Kingdom of God. 

You know how to hear God for your images.


Full of images, this course makes learning fun.

Over 100 images of prophetic art and lots of video footage of actual painting

Scroll through at your own pace

Watch them as many times as you need

Footage of real miracle works

Undeniable miracles

A mix of video and pdf's

No endless talking head!

Understand the nine different purposes

Which type are you most called to?

Answers lots of questions 

What happens if your interpretation differs from someone else?

Quality production

It's fun!

The whole course is visually stimulating which helps you process & understand what is described. 

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED this course, Naomi C......

I am a graphic designer, worship leader, business owner & mother among other things & I love to paint! Most people would say I am a Creative but to be honest this is something that I do struggle with, sometimes feeling that I am no good in any of the areas above. What this course has helped me to realise is that practice is essential to produce amazing works of Prophetic art, same as singing etc... It has actually lifted off me the misconceptions around Prophetic art and brought calm to my mind in regards to this.

I would even say made me feel more worthy of doing it. I love how Grace has taken this topic/conversation and broken it down to bite-size pieces in each module, explaining how, why, where & when. She also explains the many forms of Prophetic worship as well, again mind-blowing & freeing. The whole course is visually stimulating as well, this helps you process & understand what is described. You even get to see Grace paint some of her beautiful paintings from start to finish, which I found inspiring. HIGHLY recommend this course.

"I signed up yesterday and I'm loving it!  Very excited to be on this journey with Holy Spirit". Denise L

Look at what the course covers

Each module is broken it down to bite-size pieces explaining how, why, where & when. 


      Welcome to the course!
      Chapter #1
      • What is Prophetic Art?
      • Clearing up the Questions
      • Quick Super-Easy Quiz
      Chapter #2
      • Module 1 Three of the Nine Types of Prophetic Art
      • Module 2 Three More of the Nine Types of Prophetic Art
      • Module 3 Three More of the Nine Types of Prophetic Art
      • Your Turn!


      • Chapter #3
        • How to Get Your Image
        • How To Hear God For Your Painting
        • Your Turn
        • Tips to Establish It In Your Church
        • Pro Tips and What To Avoid
        • Chapter #4 
          • The Big Buts
          • Let's Clear Up the Big Buts!
          • The Need For Excellence
          • The Need For Excellence Explained
          • A Hope and a Future
          • Just to recap


          Chapter #5
          • Miracle Works
          • Real Miracles and Other Wonders
          • The Miracle of Naomi's Baby
          • Resilience
          • About Resilience
          • Piercing the Darkness
          • About Piercing the Darkness (1)
          • The Miracle of Wonder
          • About the Miracle of Wonder
          • From Grub to Eagle
          • About From Grub to Eagle
          • What else is there?
          • Chapter #6
          • Bonus Downloadables
          • Poster Pack of Explaining the Nine Types that you're free to print!
          • Poster Pack of Thinking Reset Posters that you're free to print.

Get understanding of sticky questions such as;

What happens if your interpretation differs from someone else? Who is right?

Should your art be the same as other peoples?  Is it ok to be different?

Do you need to learn how to paint?

And loads more!

Over 100 images of quality prophetic art

Video footage of actual prophetic pieces as they were created

So much more depth

Get real understanding

Online art course What is Prophetic Art Course

Meet Your Prophetic Art Mentor Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey, MA, Visual and Performing Arts, BA Fine Arts, Grad Dip Teaching (Sec), Assoc Dip Creative Arts, Cert IV Information Technology, Cert IV Business Management.

Grace Bailey, Prophetic Artist

and the biggie!

You even get to see Grace paint some of her paintings from start to finish.


Timelapse video footage of actual paintings as they were painted. See how they're done as often as you like.  It takes the mystery out of painting. It's worth it just to see the paintings!

This is your chance to partner with the supernatural with real understanding!

Start Your Own Prophetic Art Adventure With The 'Painting With God" book.

Painting With God book by Grace Bailey

You'll be guided by experienced artist, Grace Bailey, through ten colorful chapters on how to get started, face your fears and create images that tell God-stories.

Explore what prophetic art is all about.

Be captivated by real prophetic art stories.

Be inspired to start your own prophetic art adventure.

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