Finally.. A proven, step by step process to take your art to the next level!

You've been longing to paint but didn't know how to start?

Maybe you think that creating good art is too hard.

Maybe your drawing skills are not what you'd like them to be

Maybe you think it's a mystical experience that only the very talented can do.

......Or you know there's room for improvement in your painting but you can't see what it is.

And the all-time biggie, what if you don't really believe you can?

Or that you don't have enough time?

Or don't know what to use?

Imagine being able to draw anything!

Imagine being able to understand the principles of art without the boring stuff?

What could you create if you knew what to do?

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This Online Course Will Give you

30 sec snapshot (1)

step by step demos


Loads of exercises

colour explosion

the journey to better art

What Others Have Said.. (It's sooooo humbling!)

From a “business” standpoint…what you put together is outstanding.  It’s a great value for money.  It speaks excellence.  And it’s so much more!!!

Walking out the things you teach, “doing” the work, the exercises was “drawing” something into me ----of greater value.   

A Power House. 

This space has really become a sanctuary---where offering and worship---happen deep, goes deep.

Faith V

Grace is extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about upskilling people
from right where they are at. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was easy to
understand and concise, I was able to follow and fit it into my busy lifestyle. Each
module was fun and interactive and we learned a valuable new skill (or myth busted an old one!). It has made painting feel ‘easier’ and that I, too, can call myself an ‘Artist’!
Most of all I have come away with more confidence & a sense of accomplishment
that I can build on. Thank you, Grace!


The 7 Steps We'll explore together:

Master the art myths
Backgrounds Made Easy
extra tips for painters
Composition Genius
Drawing Made Easy
Value Your Values, values in art
Paint a Lion

Imagine for a moment how you'll feel when.....

You have the confidence to paint and the know-how to do it well!

This course makes painting fun and easy..

Be guided step by step

Watch as many times as you need

Get Doing exercises with every module

Quality production

            Beautiful imagery

Experienced teacher

A mix of demonstrations and flipbooks

No endless talking head!

Logical guided progression

Look at what the course covers

Each module is broken down into bite-size pieces explaining the why and the how.


Module 1
  • Master the Myths- Dispel the fairy stories about being an artist that can hold you back.
    • Myth 1- Artists are born not made
    • Myth 2- I'm not a real artist
    • Myth 3- Art is not as important as other stuff
    • Myth 4- You have to be able to draw
    • Myth 5- You need special equipment
  • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
  • Now It's Your Turn; Get Doing Downloadable Exercises
Module 2
  • Composition Genius
  • Introduction- Composing your painting well is almost as important as drawing it well
    • Focal Point
    • Rule of thirds
    • Closeups
    • Where to put the horizon
    • Skew it a bit
    • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
    • Now It's Your Turn; Get Doing Exercises
Module 3
  • Value Your Values - Say Goodbye To The Ordinary!
  • Introduction
    • Tone
    • Colour
    • Light
    • Form
    • Get Doing Instruction Videos
    • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
    • Downloadable Tonal Exercises
    • Downloadable Color Exercises
Module 4
  • Backgrounds Made Easy - There's so many ways!
  • Get Doing Instruction Videos;
    •  Two-brushes
    •  Blending
    •  Stippling
    •  Clouds
    •  Drippy
    •  Blotting
  • How I Used the Techniques Video
  • Points to Remember Video
  • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
  • Now It's Your Turn; Get Doing Exercises
Module 5
  • Drawing Made Easy- Once upon a time, drawing could be hard- But not anymore!
  • Get Doing Instruction Videos;
    • Getting started
    • Doing the drawing
    • Quick recap
  • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
  • Now It's Your Turn; Get Doing Exercises
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheet
Module 6
  • Paint This Lion
  • Get Doing Instruction Videos;
    • The Eyes Have It
    • Face To Face
    • Background and Mane
    • Land This Baby
  • Get Doing Instruction Booklet
  • Now It's Your Turn; Get Doing Exercises
  • My Lion Shopping List
Bonus Module 7
  • Good to Know- All the stuff an artist learns over the years



It's action packed 


Start right now with a refund guarantee by clicking here:

If you're not satisfied after completing at least 50% within 30 days (and you can show me the completed exercises) you'll get a full refund.

Be guided through each step

Save yourself years of trial and error

Experience real-life examples

Recognise what's important in a painting


Meet Your Art Mentor Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey,

  • MA, Visual and Performing Arts,
  • BA Fine Arts,
  • Grad Dip Teaching (Sec),
  • Assoc Dip Creative Arts,
  • Cert IV Information Technology,
  • Cert IV Business Management.

And years of teaching both in Australia and overseas.

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