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Paint The Vision, make it Plain!

Art That Tells God stories

art workshop, prophetic art workshop

Next Art Retreats; Ballarat; Australia;

March 6th -8th


30th April - 2nd May;

6th, 7th and 9th May

11th - 12th May


prophetic art explained, why, how, with tips

Painting With God, the book

Have you wondered just what prophetic art is? Or what it's role in your life might be?

Is that your challenge and you're looking for answers? So set sail, and let me guide you through uncharted waters to the most complete published explanation of prophetic art yet. It merges art, theology, and our personal walk with God in ways that just weren't around in the past.

Part conversation. Part intimate journey. Part unanswered questions.

It's the most vulnerable story of prophetic art to date. My hope is that it inspires you to start yours.

Start Your Own Prophetic Art Adventure With The 'Painting With God" book.

Painting With God

You'll be guided by experienced artist, Grace Bailey, through ten colorful chapters on how to get started, face your fears and create images that tell God-stories.

Explore what prophetic art is all about.

Be captivated by real prophetic art stories.

Be inspired to start your own prophetic art adventure.

Painting With God art retreats

You could paint like this! These are all student works!

Next dates; Ballarat; 2020

March 6th -8th

My Year of Painting Live

The images above ar part of a project I did where I painted every week during worship for a whole year. Read all about it here;

Unlocking The Mysteries of Supernatural Art.

who is grace bailey?

grace bailey artist

I've always been an artist, in between property development and family. For many years I pursued what I thought were the accepted paths to being an artist. I did an MA in Visual Art and became a secondary art teacher. I pursued years of exhibitions, art shows, skill development, and tutoring.

I initially focused on large-scale oil portraits until I discovered the thrill of painting with God. Now I'm embracing the opportunities presented by online reach. My book, Painting With God, came out of a 52-week live painting exercise, where I painted in worship each week for an entire year. I spent a lot of time trying to work out what it all meant and why anyone would do it. What I came up with is outside what many people assume it is.