So who is Grace Bailey, the prophetic artist?

I've always been an artist, in between property development and family. For many years I pursued what I thought were the accepted paths to being an artist. I did an MA in Visual Art and became a secondary art teacher. I pursued years of exhibitions, art shows, skill development and tutoring. I did numerous art residencies chasing what I thought was the correct way.

I initially focused on large-scale oil portraits and mixed media until I discovered the thrill of painting with God.

Now, I'm embracing the pursuit of the supernatural. Releasing messages from God in paint can be super fun.  When signs and wonders appear around your painting, it's off-the-charts-fun! 

My book, Painting With God, came out of a 52-week painting exercise where I painted each week live for a whole year. I had to spend a lot of time trying to work out what prophetic art meant and why anyone would do it. What I came up with is outside what many people assume it is.

Before that, I was a portrait artist. As is the way with many artists, I often subconsciously painted 'self-portraits' in that the underlying themes of my works reflected people who overcame tremendous difficulties but who were still progressing. Some portraits were of refugees who had come to Australia from dire conditions in camps, others were of indigenous Australians who had had an early scant education but were pursuing higher education and working with younger indigenous. Later works began to be more focused on women overcoming erroneous societal and cultural expectations.


My whole story is recorded here; in the Who Am I chapter of my book, Painting With God.

The following  is a bit of an excerpt;

I’ve always been a bit different to most people and I never really understood why, until fairly recently. I could always draw but took it largely for granted because I couldn’t see how to make a living from it. I didn’t value it and I certainly didn’t see it as a calling or even as particularly worthwhile.

I didn’t recognize the importance that God places on the arts and on creativity. I didn’t understand that God was and is the original artist and is the source of such mind-blowing creativity that it’s difficult to fathom the depth and breadth of it. Nor did I recognize the honor of being a God-creative, of creating images from the Father’s heart, of translating messages from the supernatural to the natural, of creating images that can change peoples’ lives.

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The works below are a small selection of older works. They evolved through many explorations and settled into
a contemporary realist genre. They were almost all done with oils or mixed media and many are very large.

Live painting at easterfest, 2014. It was a blast!