Grace is an artist whose work explores the relationships of power, beauty and empathy

Current Work

52 Weeks of Prophetic Art

Almost Finished!

I’ve taken on a challenge to paint live during worship every week for 52 weeks! It all started on the 14th March, 2015 at the 24 hour Hop in Ballarat.

This was the first image of the Lion of Judah depicted as larger than our understanding behind the emblems used for communion.
Update, February 2016
Now it’s only a few weeks till it’s finished and it’s been a great journey! A book and on-line courses are the next steps.

  • Lion of Judah, worship, drums, drummer, drumming
  • angel, angelic, Spirit
  • drought, wheat,prayer, farmer, painting
  • turtle, bird, rabbit, watercolour, ephemeral, spirit moving, purple

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acrylic painting of vivid colour eagle

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About Grace

Through exploring, learning and sharing art Grace has developed a passion for leaving a positive stroke on those who find her art

Living locally in Victoria she currently mixes her time between live performance prophetic art, commissions, adult tutoring and enjoying family!


The change of scenery that a residency provides is an amazing change to focus on a particular body of work


Grace has regularly contributed to many Australian Art exhibitions and received commendations for her work

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