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The art of passion

Grace Bailey is an artist whose work explores the concepts of power, beauty and empathy and their relationship with one another, underpinned by a range of portrait treatments and purposes.


The new year has well and truly started after a very frenetic 2014 which included two overseas and three interstate live painting gigs as well as a six week artist’s residency in Cairns. ¬†Since mid – October I’ve been more than occupied moving house!

The new house means a new studio and room to teach in the 15m x 13m studio! Workshops are on their way and dates will be advised. ¬†Email me on gracegbailey@gmail.com (don’t forget the g between the bailey and the grace) to express your interest. The range on offer will be mixed media, beginner’s watercolour, prophetic art, drawing, portraiture and acrylic/oil painting.