Partner with the supernatural and create art You Never Thought Possible

Immersive Arts retreat with Grace Bailey, Christian artist with 25 years+ experience.


Create a painting that you're really proud of


Soak in the Spirit and receive personal prophecy


Unlock or reactivate your creativity


Helen was sooooo impressed with the retreat when she came in January that she has offered to SPONSOR TWO PEOPLE!!!!!
How good is that?
How it works is this; When you book, your name goes into a draw for the chance to be one of two people who have their fee completely refunded! That means that the cost of all the tuition, accommodation (and it's flash), food and materials will be free for 2 blessed people.
And it gets better! The only requirement is for those people to pay it forward, either in part or whole as the Lord directs. So this is a chance to experience a super blessing and ripple it onward.
And if you aren't the winner, these retreats are such a memorable experience you'll be so glad you came!
unlock your creativity art retreat

Is this retreat for you?

Are you are a Christian who longs to explore or rekindle their creativity then this retreat is for you.

If someone 'closed' your creativity down by something they said or did, this retreat is for you. (It's amazing how many people have had teachers or others say stuff that locked up their creativity!

If you don't know where your art fits in the Kingdom of God, this retreat is for you.

If you've always wanted to try painting but didn't know where to start, this retreat is for you.

Join the next Painting with God Retreat, and get:

painting eyes, live painting demonstration

Personal Prophecy

Hear what God wants to say to you and be immersed in His love
Tailored to meet your needs

Small Class (no more than 10)

So you can get all the personalised support you need

Get Significant Upskill

So you can perfect your masterpiece

3 steps to unlock your creativity at Grace's:


Book an upcoming retreat

And they are a real treat! It truly is an immersion experience!


Get set free by the Holy Spirit!

God uses these retreats to unlock creativity!


Be Amazed at What you can do!

Get the painting that you never thought possible


You can be a complete beginner!


No need to be afraid!


Is it finally time you explored your art?

To most people, drawing is frustratingly difficult, especially when you're trying to marry faith with art.

The "Painting with God" retreats are designed to give you practical improvements in your drawing and painting while releasing the heavenly supernatural into your creativity.


Dates of next Retreats:

19th -21st February, 2021

Cancelled due to lockdown

Relax and Unwind, Everything is done for you! 

2.5 day complete workshop

Sweet times of worship & prophecy


2 night's quality accommodation with all linen supplied!

All paints, brushes and easels provided!


All meals provided!


Dream about how refreshed you'll be after a whole 2.5 days with worship each day, prophetic insights and painting as well!

2.5 days, 2 nights.

We meet in the enormous studio in Ballarat on the Friday night for cheese, bikkies and a chat to get to know each other. (We'll do lots of eating yummy, healthy stuff and lots of chatting over the course of the weekend.) Then we get right into our amazing artwork til 9 pm.

Each morning we'll kick off with worship and a prophetic ministry time at 9.30 am. There's no pressure here, just a safe space to be you and hear from God. When we can tear ourselves away from worship (which is often the hardest part of the day!) we get into the super fun stuff.

We'll paint each day with breaks for morning tea and lunch and aim to wrap up around 5 pm or so on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday. When we're not painting, you could stroll around the 2.5 acres of bushland or read from the extensive library of art books. The studio will be open 24 hours and you're free to use it so if you're an early morning person, you can start when you like or you can go through to late at night if that suits you more.

Everyone will work at their own pace. Never done it before? No worries! I'll coach you through how to get and refine an image, draw it up and then paint it.

I may even show you some 'magical' final touches to really bring it to life! don't worry if you feel you can't draw! You'll go home with real confidence that you can do it!!!

All materials are provided so all you'll need is a roll of paper towel and an apron or old clothes. (That's why we all look so flash in the photos!) 

That's right!

All materials, food, accommodation and tuition included in the price!

What others have said

After the workshop this is what Tracey wrote the next day;

I was pretty whacked all day yesterday with so much output in the Spirit and the painting but I keep approaching my painting with a sense of awe because it is quite beautiful. It gives me such a sense of “more than”. Things are always more than we know or can see.

I want to thank you so much for giving me a starting point. I learnt so much in such a short space of time and you were so encouraging yet practical and I loved every moment.





And when she came back....

Had to gather my thoughts, emotions, overflowing spirit together before I could settle to write.

Such a fullness! I haven’t had such awesome fellowship like we had this weekend in quite a while. Thank you!

I have the painting I did with you last time and now the one I completed over the weekend and what struck me most is that placing them alongside my everyday paintings, they hold a dimension that the others don’t. They shout out the Word, just as they’re intended to. Prophetic art! Thanks for your teaching, prophecy and wonderful hospitality. Awesome weekend!--

Listen to Naomi's review! she had never painted before!

Grace is talented and anointed, and an amazing teacher, coach and prophetic voice, and eeever so patient. I came home with an artwork that I can hardly believe I created, and a clearer vision that I'm excited to step into! If you're tempted to do it, make it happen! You won't regret it.

- Mishah

I went to Grace Bailey’s Prophetic Art workshop this weekend and the Spiritual impact is still unfolding! It was a deeply God-centred experience.

- Jacqui

A wonderful experience whether you are an artist or a beginner - the finished paintings were a surprise to many that they could paint so well.

- Glennis

When was the last time you created in the Spirit with The Father holding your hand?

Refresh your spirit, have deep connection with God and walk away with something you're proud of!

We can't wait to host you soon!

why this place is so special;

  • Dedicated art studio; so no packing up at night!
  • No time constraints so you can take as long as you need.
  • Enormous space so you can spread right out.
  • Real working prophetic artist's studio so you're surrounded with original art.
  • Skills-based instruction so you'll learn heaps!
  • The Great Physician regularly uses these retreats to heal!
  • If you've felt dry this is the chance to really get refreshed.