Unlock the mysteries of prophetic art!

Coming to Singapore sometime soon!

 Painting With God retreats and hands-on, interactive presentations

with Grace Bailey, author of the definitive book on prophetic art; Painting With God, and an artist with 25 years+ experience.

What is prophetic art and why would you do it?

Two ways to find out in Singapore in when the lockdown ends;

art workshop, painting, ox, lion

Be part of a 2.5 day Art Retreat

And be amazed at what you produce!

That ox was Sarah's (in the middle) FIRST ever painting!

unlock the mysteries of the supernatural, spiritual, eyes, lock, key, Grace Bailey Painting

Catch one of two night-time presentations

First night; What it is, why you'd do it and what it's for

Second night; All the practical tips you need to paint live

3 steps to express your faith through art at Grace's Retreat:

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Book an upcoming workshop

Three workshops in West Singapore

woman drawing, art

Create a God-inspired image

Create a painting you never thought you could

sarah's bird

Be amazed at what you create!

And be spiritually recharged!

God uses these retreats to unlock creativity!


You can be a complete beginner!


No need to be afraid!


Dispel the mysteries!

Do you feel your creativity has been stifled?

Do you long to be able to create the images that the Father gives you and to do it well?

The "Painting with God" workshops are designed to give you practical improvements in your drawing and painting, while debunking the mystery of hearing from The Father, and expressing it through art.

We look forward to hosting you at the upcoming workshops, so you can intimately connect with God, have confidence in your revelations, and create a painting that you're proud of.

Dates of the Retreats

To Be Advised

Special price for two workshops!

Take advantage of our Bundle price and book both workshops and both presentations. Take new directions, refine your skills and be amazed at what God does through the Painting With God retreats. You'll really be immersed in what God wants to show you with your art.


Each retreat is 2.5 days with lot of one-on-one attention

Sweet times each day of worship & prophecy

All paints, brushes and canvases provided!

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2.5 day Art Retreats
Night-time Presentations
Special Bundle Offer

Can't make the retreats? Catch one of 2 night-time presentations

Closeup Signs and Wonders

1. What is Prophetic Art?

What it is, why you'd do it and how to improve

You should come to this presentation if;

  • You're a pastor and you need to understand what it's all about
  • A creative of any kind who wants to understand how to use their art for God's glory
  • You have questions about what it is, why you'd do and whether it's of God or not
Think you're not creative? Don't let that lie hold you back!
painting indigenous boy

2. Set up for live painting

Tips from an expert on how to set up for live painting

You should come to this presentation if;

  • You've started live prophetic painting but want to know how to improve
  • If you've never painted live before but would like to try someday
  • You're interested in improving your painting practise
Full of practical tips to help you set up quicker and easier

Do you want to know more about creating God-inspired images?

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2.5 day Art Retreats
Night-time Presentations
Special Bundle Offer

Check out these works from past retreats!

What others have said

Listen to Naomi's review! she had never painted before!

Grace is talented and anointed, and an amazing teacher, coach and prophetic voice, and eeever so patient. I came home with an artwork that I can hardly believe I created, and a clearer vision that I'm excited to step into! If you're tempted to do it, make it happen! You won't regret it.

- Mishah

I went to Grace Bailey’s Prophetic Art workshop this weekend and the Spiritual impact is still unfolding! It was a deeply God-centred experience.

- Jacqui

A wonderful experience whether you are an artist or a beginner - the finished paintings were a surprise to many that they could paint so well.

- Glennis