Seer of the Soul


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Seer of the Soul

This was the last painting of the year-long challenge to paint each week for a year. It came at a time when I was going through some issues and when it came time to paint, frankly, I wasn't up to it. If it hadn't been for the commitment I'd made, I wouldn't have painted that day. I went into worship from a very low point and said to God,"You have to do something because I'm not capable of it today".

In His kindness, this was the result.

There are very few works of the whole year that didn't get 'tweaked' in the studio after the live session. Sometimes it's color or form or a mixture of both. Oftentimes, the work needs tightening. This work, however, was almost completed entirely during the service except that the composition wasn't working. At that stage, the whole bottom third of the painting where the mane hangs now was black for the background and it sat in a very unbalanced manner.

Remember that I'd gone into this service with very low expectations and little hope whih would usually mean a reluctance to try anything risky. I thought I'd had another dud painting. Then someone suggested that I bring the mane down over the background. I grabbed a loaded brush and with a few very quick brushstrokes, finished the painting. It completed the work and balanced it so well that it's one of my favorites from the whole year and I haven't touched it since!

To me, the lion represents the Lion of Judah who looks beyond the natural into the soul with deep seated-love.



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