Prophetic Art Workshops

Step into the supernatural with a Prophetic art Workshop

learn to paint

Realise your painting dream with experienced artist, Grace Bailey, in a fun environment!

Why You Can Do It

painting eyes, live painting demonstration

Everyone can do it at their own pace

You'll be shown how even if you're a complete beginner.

Tailored to meet your needs

You won't get stuck with one on one attention

Go at your own pace, with lots of help!

Grace Bailey, Friendly painting workshop

Be uplifted by a warm and friendly guide

This one is super friendly and knows how important it is.


Grace Bailey

Everyone improves with an experienced teacher

Grace Bailey, MA Visual Arts, Grad Dip Ed, (Sec), Ass Dip Creative Arts

eagle, learning to paint

Step out in a safe environment

We're all in this together. No competition. Ever.


Connect with God in a new way

 Maybe He wants to heal you. Maybe He just wants to hug you.

What you'll learn

Know what to paint.

Draw with confidence

Mix your colours to maintain their vibrancy.

Take your art to the next level.

Next Prophetic Art Workshop;

Extended one in April school holidays. Dates to be advised.

And the REALLY exciting news; Imagine the opportunity to be part of a missions art trip to northern Thailand where you could experience authentic Thailand without the tourist hype, take your art to the next level regardless of where you're at now and even spend time in a poverty-stricken village where Christians are making a real difference!

This trip will be in May or June, 2019 and include 7-8days in Thailand. Expressions of interest are being taken by email.


With 25 years as an artist.......

....Grace has loads of experience making and teaching art. She'll be able to help you go to your next level. For more of her story go here or  here

How the time will unfold

We meet in the enormous studio in Ballarat on Friday night; for cheese, bikkies and a chat to get to know each other. Then we get right into to our amazing artwork til 9 pm.
Next morning we kick off with worship and a prophetic ministry time at 9 am. When we can tear ourselves away from worship (which is often the hardest part of the day!) we get into the super fun stuff.
We'll paint all day with breaks for morning tea and lunch and aim to wrap up around 5 pm. Breakfast is provided and morning tea and lunch are magically produced by my amazing assistant.
All paints are provided so you'll just need to bring a canvas. More on that later. That's all you need except a roll of paper towel and an apron or old clothes. (That's why we all look so flash in the photos!)

Along the way, there'll be lots of prophetic art stories and hopefully a few laughs. We'll talk about how to create the best art that you can regardless of where you're at with loads of time to ask all the questions you'd like.

Whether you've never painted before or have been doing it for years, you'll have enough individual attention to progress.

You Can Do It!

Ballarat Accommodation

Dining room, prophetic art workshops, 403 eddy ave, mt helen
single bedroom, prophetic art workshops. 403 eddy ave, mt helen
original art
prophetic art workshops accommodation, 403 eddy ave, mt helen
gallery, prophetic art workshops
bathroom, airbnb, ballarat retreat
prophetic art accommodation, heating

Accommodation is provided in one of three self-contained units complete with all linen and a simple breakfast provided.

You can choose from your own room (single accommodation) or you could share with others. All the prices are in the drop-down box on the booking ticket here;

It's even possible to stay an extra night for as little as $40! This is a good idea as the workshop often extends past 5 pm and it's a great time to fellowship together after the workshop is over without the drive home. Some very significant ministry has happened in the units afterwards.

warrior woman, determined, strong


As part of the workshop we'll have some;

  • Prayer and prophecy.
  • Prophetic impartation.
  • Worship with other artists.

What Others Have Said;

From Mishah, Hurstbridge, Victoria;

Grace is talented and anointed, and an amazing teacher, coach and prophetic voice, and eeever so patient. I came home with an artwork that I can hardly believe I created, and a clearer vision that I'm excited to step into! If you're tempted to do it, make it happen! You won't regret it.

From John Hall, Sheffield, England;

May she continue to inspire artists to redeem art from the dark and the morbid (we have all experienced this!), to light and life and hope. (See p 130 of her book "Painting With God").

Jacqui, Victoria

I went to Grace Bailey’s Prophetic Art workshop this weekend and the Spiritual impact is still unfolding! It was a deeply God-centred experience.

From Annie, Christchurch, New Zealand;

Fantastic! The class tutor was informative, explained techniques and medium we used clearly.

Glennis, Victoria

A wonderful experience whether you are an artist or a beginner - the finished paintings were a surprise to many that they could paint so well.

Get started now!

Off The Charts Ballarat Workshop, Sept 2018

Going into this workshop, I knew it would be special. We could have stayed in worship all day and God set several people free from creative blockages.

Another successful Ballarat Workshop, June 2018

Wow! What an amazing time we had! So much healing, so much restoration and so much fun. Just about everyone had a time of really delighted surprise at their outcomes, especially as most hadn't painted in years if at all before!

Christchurch New Zealand Workshop, March 2018

all ages, eagles, prophetic art workshop, christchurch
All ages, all abilities and at least one who had never painted before!

Fiji Workshop, July 2017

Fiji art open air art workshop
arts workshop in fiji
Fiji art workshop, art skills

Hull, England Workshop, June, 2017

Hull prophetic arts workshop, England arts
Hull prophetic arts workshop, England, learn to draw
learn to draw, arts workshop, prophetic art

Everyone included and welcome