My Prophetic Journey

Painting With God book by Grace Bailey
live painting, 24 worship, hop
Painting at 24 hour continuous worship

This is where I started my prophetic painting journey. As I’ve said in other articles, prophetic painting during worship that is created live is better termed as ‘worship’ art, which makes my journey more worship art than ‘prophetic art’. Whatever the term used, I’m honored to be able to paint with God!


The very first forays or dipping my toe into the water before I had any idea about prophetic art. It was very much learning by doing! I was searching for the meaning of prophetic art and had a whole host of other questions! Each of these experiences were not paintings that I had foreseen as prophetic until after they were completed and sometimes not till much later.

  • Painting the eyes at Enjoy conference, outlined in Chapter 2.
  • A pair of eyes on the wall of an orphanage in South Sudan with the caption; ‘The eyes of the Lord are upon you’. My husband and I had travelled to South Sudan and visited an orphanage run by Sam Childers, made famous by the movie of his exploits entitled Machine Gun Preacher. While I was there, I felt God tell me to paint the eyes with the excerpt of the verse.
  • 2.4-metre high angel at Sounds of Nations Inflame Conference, Tauranga, New Zealand, reviewed in Chapter 1.
  • 2.4mt Christmas painting at Ballarat carols event also discussed in Chapter 1.


Year One of the ‘Apprenticeship’. All of this was before I painted live each week for an entire year.

During this first year, I travelled a lot and investigated what prophetic art was all about.

  • I joined Sounds of Nations where I had the opportunity to paint live during worship at several worship conferences and events. I also had significant healing from intimidation during this time.
  • Completed Stairway Church Prophetic art course, learning the basics of what it’s all about.
  • Painted live before 7000 people at Easterfest in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • Painted live on stage at Mildura Worship Conference.
  • Painted live on stage at Bethel with Don Potter. Easily one of the all time highlights of my life, an hour and a half of amazing worship and atmosphere.
  • Painted live at Unite Conference, Ballarat.
  • Painted live on stage at Sounds of Nations conference, Melbourne.
  • Painted live on stage at Mooroopna worship conference, Life Church,  Mooroopna.
  • Painted live at Sounds of Nations Inflame conference, Rotorua, New Zealand.
  • Painted live at 24-hour worship hop, Ballarat.
  • 7 out of following 9 weekends, painted live during worship at various venues throughout Victoria.

Live prophetic art painting, Grace Bailey live prophetic painting
Crucifixion of Jesus, crown of thorns, blood, royal submission,

One of the all time standout highlights of my entire life! Painting on stage at Bethel, Redding, California with Don Potter. The presence  of God was absolutely amazing! And the music was pretty good as well....

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lock, eyes, Unlocking the Mysteries of Heaven
Unlocking the Mysteries of Heaven


Year Two of the Apprenticeship.

I gained a lot of practical experience, refining live painting techniques and started the book.

  • I started the assignment; 52 weeks of Prophetic Art, in March. I produced a total of 66 works painting during worship each week for the whole year.
  • Started writing the book, which I initially believed was an exercise in rallying my own personal thoughts.
  • Painted live on stage at Gofest YWAM conference, Melbourne. Afterwards I was shown that I had painted with angels, described in Chapter 3.
  • Painted live at Unite Conference, Ballarat, described in Chapter 3.
  • Painted live at Sounds of Nations Inflame Conference, Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • Painted live at Hillview worship conference, Melbourne.
  • Painted live at 24-hour worship hop, Ballarat.
  • Painted live at Melton church, Melbourne.
  • Painted live at Grow church x 4, Melbourne.
  • Painted live at York St Church of Christ, Ballarat.


Year Three of the Apprenticeship.

I completed the School of the Prophets with Gary and Sarah Morgan to learn more of the theory of the supernatural.

  • Painted at the beginning of several months of revival at Ben and Jodie Hughes’ church, Pour It Out, over 6 nights, producing 7 works. Noosa, Queensland.
  • Painted live on stage at Hillview encounter night x 2, Melbourne.
  • Painted live at Together, worship conference, Life Church, Mooroopna.
  • Painted live on stage at a fundraiser for Casey City Church, Melbourne.
Intensity, eagle painting, Grace Bailey Painting


I'm not sure if you'd classify it as the 'Honours' year of the apprenticeship but this 4th year is focused on the business side of being an artist. Each year has evolved without my prior intention with it's purpose becoming apparent afterwards. Yr1, introduction to prophetic art, Yr2; practical aspects, Yr3; theory of the supernatural, and now Yr4; the business side.

This year, I sense a call from God to create a viable and sustainable market for my art. It means turning away from much of the earlier established system of arts marketing using gatekeepers such as galleries, exhibitions, exclusivity etc. It means embracing the opportunities presented by the democracy of the internet.

One of the major contributing factors to any artist's practise is the difficulty with making a living. It is my hope that I can achieve a viable model that can be replicated. There will be more books to come if I can achieve that!

I believe I have the answer, at least in part, to the "question of "what is prophetic painting" and that God wants to expand it worldwide with excellence. Will you be a part of the journey?


2018 and Beyond;

Now that the 'apprenticeship' was finally over, my experiences are recorded in the section entitled "stories". So for more  go to;