Explore your Identity with Art You Never Thought Possible

Focused creative retreat with Grace Bailey,

artist with 25 years+ experience.


Create a painting that you're really proud of


De-stress, unwind, and refresh yourself creatively


Unlock or reactivate your creativity

Surprise Yourself Ballarat
Immerse Yourself Ballarat

Join the next 'Unlock Your Creativity' Retreat, and get:

painting eyes, live painting demonstration

Space to explore


so you can finally express the small, hidden truths that make you, YOU

Tailored to meet your needs

Small Class Size (no more than 12)

so you can get all the personalised support you need


Get Significant Upskill in Your Art

so you can perfect your masterpiece

Grace is talented and an amazing teacher and coach , and eeever so patient. I came home with an artwork that I can hardly believe I created, and a clearer vision that I'm excited to step into! If you're tempted to do it, make it happen! You won't regret it.

- Mishah

Fantastic! The class tutor was informative, explained techniques and medium we used clearly.

- Annie

3 steps to express your identity through art at Grace's workshop:


Book an upcoming workshop

2 locations in Victoria during January 2020


Release your sense of identity in painting

and rejuvenate yourself at the retreat!


Walk away with your masterpiece

Get the painting that you never thought possible and be totally recharged

A wonderful experience whether you are an artist or a beginner - the finished paintings were a surprise to many that they could paint so well.

- Glennis

To most people, drawing is frustratingly difficult

The "Unlock your Creativity" retreats are designed to give you practical improvements in your drawing, while providing you with total freedom to explore and express yourself creatively.

We look forward to hosting you at the upcoming retreats, so you can tap into your inner self, embrace it with confidence, and create a painting that you will be proud of!

2 Victorian Locations in November 2019 and January 2020:

Surprise Yourself North Melbourne,


Next date tba

  • 1.5 day workshop
  • Drawing and painting skills
  • Plenty of time for reflection and group hangouts

Immerse Yourself



29/12/19 - 2/1/20 

  • 4.5 day workshop
  • A New Year's Eve like no other!
  • A chance to really ground yourself for the New Year
  • Drawing and painting skills
  • Plenty of time for reflection and group hangouts everyday!
  • 5 night's accommodation

Surprise Yourself Ballarat,


3rd - 4th January, 2020

  • 1.5 day workshop
  • Drawing and painting skills
  • Plenty of time for reflection and group hangouts
  • 2 night's accommodation

When was the last time you got soaked in the moment, and just unleashed your creative potential?

Refresh yourself in a safe environment of freedom and artistic creativity. Reflect, embrace your identity, and walk away with skills and a piece of art you'll be proud of!

We can't wait to host you soon!

Immerse Yourself Workshop.

This is the super awesome one! Just imagine how well your year will start if you take the time to truly stop and reflect before going forward. And you could do it with other like-minded people around a firepit on New Year's Eve in the bush 'cathedral'. Imagine how refreshed you'll be after a whole 4.5 days of relaxation, reflection, and good painting!

4 days, 5 nights.

We meet in the enormous studio in Ballarat on the Sunday night for cheese, bikkies and a chat to get to know each other. (We'll do lots of eating yummy, healthy stuff and lots of chatting over the course of the week.) Then we get right into our amazing artwork til 9 pm.

Each morning we'll kick off with time to think and reflect at 9.30am. After that, we get into the super fun stuff!

We'll paint each day with breaks for morning tea and lunch and aim to wrap up around 5 pm so you can go and get dinner or stroll around the 2.5 acres or read from the extensive library of art books. The studio will be open 24hours and you're free to use it so if you're an early morning person, you can start when there's likely to be no-one there or you can go through to late at night if that suits you more.

 Everyone will work at their own pace on at least two paintings. For the first one, you'll get to choose one of my images and you'll learn some skills. For the next one, we'll work on your own image.

Never done it before? No worries! I'll coach you through all the tricks and techniques you need to bring a great painting to life. You'll be surprised at just how good it turns out!

 All paints are provided so you'll just need to bring canvases but more on that later. That's all you need except a roll of paper towel and an apron or old clothes. (That's why we all look so flash in the photos!)


why this place is so special;

  • Dedicated art studio; so no packing up at night!
  • No time constraints so you can take as long as you need.
  • Enormous space so you can spread right out.
  • Real working artist's studio so you're surrounded with original art.
  • Skills-based instruction so you'll learn heaps!
  • If you've felt dry this is the chance to really get refreshed.
Surprise Yourself Ballarat
Immerse Yourself Ballarat
Surprise Yourself Melbourne