Prophetic Art Workshops

Join Grace for an art’s-learning-made-fun workshop. Grace is an artist of many year’s experience both creating and teaching and has honed methods to rapidly advance your skill set. With lots of demonstrations and individual attention, you’ll learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Regardless of your skill level you’ll feel welcomed and included in lots of art conversations and laughs.

Set in a slice of God’s masterpiece in 2.5 acres of bush, Grace’s 15m studio and newly renovated accommodation ensure a very comfortable environment. 

You'll learn how Grace gets the prophetic images that she paints and how to collaborate with Holy spirit to refine them.

First Prophetic Arts Workshop In Ballarat

What an awesome God-experience! The first prophetic arts workshop in God’s own country at Mt Helen has just finished and man, was it a God-ordained time! It was held in an enormous studio that sits amongst bushland just bursting with springtime buds and blossoms. Dappled light shone through the trees all weekend with the promise of good things to come. We had heaps of food, some good laughs, an amazing prayer/prophecy time, a worship time and apparently, some of us sat up till 1.30am sharing and talking!

It was a very mixed group of all ages from 15 up. Some people had painted quite a bit before and some had not. We even had an intercessor come from New Zealand who grappled through a frustrating painting time and later discovered that God was showing her prophetic things, even in the struggle!

The workshop was done using acrylic paint which can be fabulous and, at the same time, very frustrating. A couple of people who did portraits discovered just how frustrating acrylics can be because they are so hard to blend for skin tones. A couple of others discovered how it comes into its own when you need to rework a painting as it dries so fast that it’s hard to make an irreparable mistake. We were all stretched and some took a leap of faith to become freer with their painting, resulting in some fabulous and very satisfying results.

At the end of day two, I think everyone was pleasantly surprised and pleased with their outcome. I certainly was! Afterwards, we had a prayer and prophecy time with some very significant words. For some, the powerful healing they received would have been the highlight of the weekend. For others, it would have been the prophetic promises of things to come.

However, the all-time collective highlight of the workshop was Merita’s word at the end of painting time which remarkably, tied each image together with a thread of meaning. Each person had come with their own image to paint and none had collaborated together beforehand. The range of topics was diverse ranging from portraits and dancers to a key and a bird.

God gave Merita an understanding of how all of them fitted together.  Each painting led into the next with an Anzac alliance which combined ALL the works as a visual sentence! Listen to the video to hear and see the results. We definitely did not contrive this and I had no idea of any connection between them as we were going along. It was very humbling to be the facilitator and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

Fiji Workshop and Hull, England Workshop

What you’ll learn;

  • How to construct an image from an idea with tips about composition.
  • How to translate that image to the canvas with an amazing drawing booster.
  • How to mix paint to maintain brighter colours.
  • How to finish off your work to give it that ‘zap’.
  • How to clean your brushes for maximum life.
  • Lots of anecdotes, laughs, and tips along the way.

It’s advisable to come with an image or idea that you'd like to paint sketched out beforehand but there will be plenty of imagery available if you don’t have one.  As well, if you have a tablet or a laptop that can access wifi, please bring it.

You’ll come home with one (hopefully) finished painting and the separate eye exercise but as you'll work at your own pace, you may not! 


We'll spend some time in worship and round out the workshop with prayer and prophetic impartation. You'll need a recording device for this and it assumed that you will sound out your word with people you trust.

What’s included;

All basic materials including paints, brushes, and canvases. You'll work on a canvas of approx 20" or 50cm one way. If you are traveling, you need to be able to take it with you.

Two night’s shared accommodation and no need to bring linen and of course, the all-important coffee! Food will basic, simple and healthy. Please let me know if you have dietary requirements.


  • Tuition, materials, accommodation, and food; $250
  • Tuition, materials, and food only; $200

Special for a couple sharing a bed (doesn't have to be married!); $400


  • Dates; 24th-26th Nov 2017.
  • Address; 403 Eddy Avenue, Ballarat, 3350.
  • Start; Friday; 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start with cheese and wine on the deck if the weather is good. (Have dinner before you come), Commence at 7 pm - 9.00pm
  • Saturday 9 am till about 5 pm followed by pizzas around the firepit and worship.
  • Sunday checkout at 9.30am.

Getting there; From Ballarat CBD head to Geelong. Eddy Avenue is off Moss Avenue, off Geelong Rd. There is plenty of parking on site. If you come by plane/shuttle bus or train we’ll pick you up from the railway station if you give us plenty of notice of arrival time or you can hop on a bus with a short, downhill walk.

To register or ask questions please email; [email protected]