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Ballarat; 9th -10th Feb 2018

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What is prophetic art?

Why do it?

What's it's role in your life?

The answers to these questions are still being written and explored in this new form of worship. It merges art, theology, and our personal walk with God in ways that just weren't around in the past.

This was my challenge. It was all new.

So I set sail, on a three-year journey, into uncharted waters and put down brushes long enough to pen my experience into a book.

Part conversation. Part intimate journey. Part unanswered questions.

It's the most vulnerable story of prophetic art to date. My hope is that it inspires you to start yours.

This was my challenge. It was all new.

52 Weeks of Prophetic Art

Live worship painting every week for a year was a challenge. A huge challenge.

What artist wants to do something every single week?

But it was worth it. So, unbelievably worth it.

Here're some of my favorite prophetic paintings that came out of that experience.

Prophetic Art Workshops

Learn how to hear, develop and create visual images with meaning.

About Grace Bailey


I've always been an artist, in between property development and family. I initially focused on large-scale oil portraits until I discovered the thrill of painting with God.

For many years I pursued what I thought were the accepted paths to being an artist. I did an MA in Visual Art and became a secondary art teacher. I pursued years of exhibitions, art shows, skill development, and tutoring.

Now I'm embracing the opportunities presented by online reach. My book, available as a digital edition, Painting With God, came out of the 52-week live painting exercise mentioned above because I had to spend so much time trying to work out what it all meant and why anyone would do it. What I came up with is outside what many people assume it is.